Din of Dragons

Session 9

Sir Keegan's Tomb

The Secret Room

  • After surviving a ghoulish encounter with the undead in the darkened hallways of the keep, the party located the secret room that Splug had told them about.
  • Besides zombies, the party uncovered an old suit of armor magically protected by a talking wall plaque.
  • Solving the riddle revealed the armor for what it was, a powerful magical artifact that is resistant to fire and necrotic energy.

Where the dead stand guard

  • The party’s exploration led them to a hallway lined with sarcophagi. They were not overly surprised when undead started pouring out of them and attacking!
  • Despite the party’s battle readiness, the undead kept coming slowly wearing them down. Just when things started going sour, the noble paladin Baell discovered an altar to the king god Bahamut.
  • Trusting his faith, Baell beseeched Bahamut for aid and it was granted.
  • The final sarcophagus contained an undead spirit of a very different nature. The party met the old keep commander Sir Keegan, a once noble warrior who had fallen into disgrace and madness because of the malevolent influence of the rift between worlds that the keep protects.
  • After a tense negotiation, the party was able to convince Sir Keegan that their intentions where just and that they were capable of facing the keep’s ultimate evil, a drow who they know to be a powerful magic user and who Keegan described as a “Blight’s mirror”.

Armed with Sir Keegan’s Aecris, the party continues it’s adventure into the depths of the keep on the shadowfell.



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